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Guitarlington 2015 Report

Oh boy! Guitarlington 2015 was a fantastic show. First, the HayMakers sounded fabulous as always. We made a lot of friends... on the business side and the drinking side (burp). We picked up a fancy and simply new toy called a Porchboard Bass. This is a great tool for adding a basic rhythm section to jam night. From their website:

"The PorchBoard Bass is an amplified, analog low-end rhythm instrument that uses the natural technique of foot tapping to produce a player controlled bass beat with any style of music."

"Our patented passive proximity sensor system creates an analog, clean bass beat without the common low-end amplification problems of noise, feedback or delay. The PorchBoard Bass  has sufficient output to drive most powered subwoofers without the use of a preamp.  No batteries or additional power sources are required."

Stay tuned to our YouTube Channel for a gear demo and review.

We saw a lot of familiar faces as well a many new ones. The Brown Amplification buzz is getting louder...


New Warranty Information 

We just added our product warranty information. There is a special offer for the first 10 owners, so if you have a fat wad of cash burning a hole in your pocket and you LOVE hand-made boutique amplifiers that ROCK, Check out or head over to Frisco Music Center in Frisco, Texas


2015 Dallas International Guitar Festival

What a weekend! Corey (you don't know Corey, but you will) and I spent the weekend showing Dallas musicians the HayMaker-50.Visits by Chris Rodriguez, Rene Best (the Best Player in the West!), and many others. Everyone loved the HayMaker, with it's Bassman-esque cleans and hot rodded Super Lead dirt. Good things are coming!